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Dyson sphere program

dyson sphere program is a open world game with the goal of creating a dyson sphere you start off by gathering resources and making machines to slowly automate the process travel to different solar systems and planets and after a whole you will be able to make a dyson swarm and exentually a dyson sphere or even more dyson spheres around different stars if you want. its a very fun game and worth the price

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PC building simulator

PC building simulator is a game about building pcs it is quite realistic and uses real life components with the better components being actually better in real life as well. there is a lot of things you can do in the game and it has a bunch of dlc for cooler rooms and a big dlc that is a whole other gamemode. it takes a long time to get very far in the game however its very fun and deffintly worth the price

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In minecraft you can do littery anything you want you can craft stuff like better tools, mine, fight mobs and bosses and build pretty much whatever you want and you can play with your friends with practically endless fun

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